Women at work

Grown up doesn’t mean no mean girls

I had thought being an adult in an adult work place would mean I’ve left cliques and mean girls behind ….. not so much.

Even in these environments this is still happening. I’ve witnessed he grips gossiping in the kitchen or in quiet corners – I speak to everyone and do not partake in cliques or bitching bout others. There is nothing wrong with praising others.

Apparently tho I’m quite ‘interesting’ to the mean girls. When I walk in to people speaking about me – apparently I have a ‘sorta goth look’ and ‘the tattoos are so unladylike’

Well yes I wear a lot of black – it’s slimming and practical and I recently dyed my hair grey.

Yes I have tattoos but they are personal choice and to be honest I think my dainty China tea cup is far from gothic no quite lady like. After all ladies drink tea right?!

It honestly made me laugh but some people could easily be offended by these types of comments.

I won’t stop wearing black or dye my hair to fit in. I am always smart for the office as what I wear shouldn’t count – neither should my tattoos.

Remember people to be kind and maybe find out about a person, speak about he tattoos ask what they mean etc, rather thank talking to others about them . You might find you have something in common.

People should empower each other.

Rant over

New year

New Year new savings

This year I’m all about savings. I’m guilty of using my card online and not really thinking about how much I’m spending or if I really need the items.

When I use cash I really think about what I’m buying and how much it costs – so here’s to a card free year. I’ve deleted my cards from being saved online. Now I have to remember to withdraw cash. Hopefully this will make me more thoughtful when purchasing anything – leading to less impulse buys and more savings $€£

I hope you are all working towards achieving your goals whatever they may be

Have a great 2018


Journaling, WHAT?

Recently I’ve been seeing people posting (especially on insta) their journaling photos. I thought that’s a great idea I’ll give that a go.

Step one but a journal. Being a Harry Potter fan I loved this one book with a slytherin crest. Yep that one will do a mere £18 Journals are expensive.

Next some pretty pens. Because pound shop felt tips just won’t do! Pastel pens oh yes please there’s not a lot of change when buying those. Pilot frixion seem popular super expensive I’ll buy one and some calligraphy pens to boot. Not that I know the first thing about calligraphy.

Then the realisation IM NOT ARTISTIC.

Not even slightly. I don’t particularly have much to write so I thought I’ll do a bit of the book I’m reading (yeah boring I know)

Actually I don’t have much more to write so journaling has become an expensive list of books I want to buy, at least I didn’t go ahead and buy the fancy tapes, papers and stickers I’m watching on eBay

Arts and craft are not my thing but I’m sure one day I’ll find a hobby


Motivation level 0

I’ve been in a slump health wise. I started the year with a gym me membership and made sure I went every other day.. not always sure I knew what I was doing but I got the hang of it. I lost some weight and started to tone up.

This past month however I’ve just had no motivation. I feel more lethargic for not going but just can’t bring myself to go.

I have also let my diet slip and have been drinking a beer every day. This is probably because I banned myself from beer this year. Purely to stop the dreaded beer belly!

I need to sort this out pronto. Sitting around moaning about it won’t help.

I’m going to make myself a gym schedule and plan meals in the hope to stick to it, making my own lunches for work too.

I’ll create a gym playlist. Surely some good music can inspire me in the gym too.

If anyone has any song suggestions feel free to share. Or any motivation tips

Those of you still making it to the gym keep it up x


Meat free dinner drama

Given how I don’t like to go out too much I thought I’d have some friends round to the new flat for dinner. As we all range from 28-34 it should be a nice adult evening.

One attendee is vegetarian, rather than cook two different meals I would research some nice veggie meals. Actually looking forward to the challenge. Can you believe that two of my guests wouldn’t come because it’s a meat free menu!!


I eat meat but am perfectly happy to eat a meat free meal and wouldn’t dismiss a get together for the sake of a chicken breast.

Needless to say I didn’t change the menu. We all need to try different things and embrace change. Forget fussy children I find the adults worse.

Those that did come enjoyed the food or at least said they did and nothing was missing from the lack of meat and I’ve had many more meat free dinners since.

I’d like to hope people attend meals for the company not based on the menu. If any of you have favourites vegetarian recipes feel free to share


I prefer a book

After my strange date my friends have all been telling me to get back on the dating scene. I’m going to be honest here

I prefer books!

I will happily sit in with a good book, I would likely take a picture of the book. A lot of friends can’t seem to understand this. I read everything from young adult fantasy to biography and everything in between.

How can you spend so much on books

Well I don’t have children or a spouse to spend money on so why not treat my self to new hardcover books!

I will happily sit in a cafe or on the beach with a book and there is nothing wrong with that. The right guy for me will probably like reading too

The moral to this post is do the things you like to do! Don’t let people tell you what is right or wrong



I bit the dating bullet

So I once again gave in and went back on the pof website. After trawling through the awkward messages I came across one that seemed relatively nice. ‘Comedian’ he called himself. I agreed to a date A DATE!!!!

I thought I should probably be really nervous but he suggested a pub that is quite a student bar, cheap beer and a bit unkept… that should have set the alarm bells. We agrees on somewhere a bit nicer but still not my cup of tea but I though try something new, out of your comfort zone. See how it goes

When I got there he was on the phone so I got my own drink and sat awkwardly for a few mins whilst he wrapped up his ‘business call’ attempting conversation I asked about his job- oh I work in a shop I don’t want to talk about it… quite a few topics were not to be spoken about including family, education and aspiration . He did however love a conspiracy theory and feminism it was so awkward – I don’t consider myself a feminist and that did not go down well. I asked about his comedy as this had been something he repeatedly told me he loved doing and has a stand up slot…. he can’t perform on the spot 😬

I did not know how to end it!

Two and a half hours of conspiracy theories! I tried to change the conversation a number of times but to no avail. I had to just get up and say I need to leave. My date seemed not to mind and went in for a kiss!!


I awkwardly turned my head and offered a hand shake. He has since messaged me a few times asking to meet again. Even after me messaging that we are very different and I’m not interested. Very persistent!

I’ve even been sent a link and invite to his comedy night


Although I’m sure this works for a lot of people this was not for me